Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TDOT Announces Active Transportation Awards

. . TDOT has announced the winners of its first group of Active Transportation grants.  Click here for the list.  The candidates from our Nashville MPO did not make this round of awards.  Nothing was submitted from Sumner County. 
. . TDOT has announced that it will be almost giving away $10 Million over the next three years for Active Transportation projects (think bicycle routes) on state highways.  The local municipalities only have to come up with 5% of the project cost.  The big hurdle is, of course, these projects must be essentially shovel-ready.  Usually this means the NEPA has been signed-off  and all the engineering has been completed.  Locally, we have ideas for projects, but nothing to offer as a candidate.  Too bad, the routes we enjoy don't happen by accident.


bkortness said...

In the future, expanding the bridge on Long Hollow Pike to include a bike lane or paving the already existent shoulder on Big Station Camp would be great ideas that should have some political follow through with minimal cost or effort as compared to the idea of a bike lane on Tyree Springs.

Tom_E said...

Thanks Bryan, this type of input is very helpful. We want to put together a prioritized list of our "Next Mile" projects for Bike/Ped. The advocates in Tennessee have been hampered by lack of support and apparent absence of interest from stakeholders.