Tuesday, May 13, 2014

US-31 E / W. Main St. Shoulder Obstruction

Once again, a new convenience store has obstructed the shoulder on Main Street. This time at West Main and Rockland. The raised-curb fixture comes all the way out to the traffic lane. I'm contacting the City to voice my objection and ask if this complies with codes and regulations and was approved. Does anyone know if this is a violation?


Tango Bravo said...

I don't know how the community got the encroachment at Saundersville reversed. Depending on what you hear back, it may require many voices complaining. DO you know if this section is part of the designated bike route? If so, then we would have more sway, I think.

Tom_E said...

I received this feedback from Scott Foster within minutes after following up on David's alert.

Thanks for the note. Give us a day or two to remedy.
Mayor Foster, P.E.

We appreciate David's quick note to the City Staff relative to this problem.

John Cummins said...

I just drove by there, and they are removing it literally, as I type this.