Monday, April 20, 2015

     Marathon Support Cyclists - - - 

2 more riders needed .... as of 4/20/2015 .......   

If you're available  Saturday, April 25th and want a cycling challenge. I need folks to be support cyclists for the elite runners at the country music marathon.  You  get the chance to ride the streets of nashville without fear of being used for traction by cars.  We meet at titan stadium ~6am and then all ride to the marathon starting line. We will be briefed by the race director, given our assignments and when the race starts we take off and pick up our assigned runner.  After your assignment finishes the race  you are free to leave or ride back through the course and look for folks having problems. It's a unique cycling experience. I have usually been done with the half marathon by 8:10 am,  and the full by 9:30 am

 Email Curtis  615 516 9869

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