Wednesday, December 2, 2015

FOGBEE Christmas Stocking Stuffers from Gran Fondo

Gran Fondo will do a special order for the FOGBEES for DeFeet arm warmers and shoe covers and Coolmax DuraGloves with grippers in the FOGBEE Colors.

The arm warmers come in FOGBEE orange and yellow and cost  $25 with a 20% off.

The shoe covers are in FOGBEE yellow and cost $15 with a  20% discount.

The gloves are in FOGBEE yellow cost $15 with a 20% discount.

Gran Fondo will do individual orders for anyone interested.  We will not be doing a group order. Contact Gran Fondo to place your order.

John and Kim Peel have picked up some samples for everyone to take a look at. They will bring them to the ride on Saturday, if one is posted.   They will have them at CASA following the Christmas Lights ride on Dec. 12th.

Thanks to John and Kim for working on this for the FOGBEES.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

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