Sunday, March 6, 2016

In Case of Emergency

    We have added a new page to the blog ICE that I hope everyone who rides with the FOGBEES takes time to study.  A couple of years ago, Demetrius Ritt provided us with an exceptional evening seminar on what to do in case a bicyclist gets injured.  Unfortunately, the attendance wasn't what we hoped.  So instead of repeating this seminar, I have placed the critical considerations which he and his associate EMTs taught us, after I reviewed them with our medical members.

     After every serious accident, I have observed the following actions:
  • The injured bicyclist almost always dismisses the seriousness of his or her situation
  • There is massive confusion at the time of the accident.  The accident traumatizes all.
  • Memories can't be trusted and erroneous statements follow. 
I can only hope that if I am injured, others have read the ICE page and are not afraid to help me.

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David S said...


Thanks for posting this important guide. The fact is that if you ride long enough, like all of us have, sooner or later we will have the opportunity to help another injured person. Following this guide improves our chance to be successful.