Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jersey Order-Fit Kits

Last week to try on fit kit jerseys and bibbs.

If you are interested in ordering a jersey or bibbs, I will have the fits kits after the rides this week.  I will need to return them after Saturday's ride.

We have to get a minimum of 6 of any one style for men and 4 of any one style for women.  Depending upon the demand, you may need to make choice 1 of one style and choice 2 of another so that we can fill an order.

If you are interested in the ALE Fogbee style jersey, you can order at the below link.  I believe it requires a minimum order of 10.  These run very small.  So, you really need to try one on to see what size you need.  I ordered a XXL and it is very tight on me when I normally where a L.


If you ordered a jersey last time from ALE and you want another one just log into your account and click on the FOGBEES TEAM Tab at the top.
All others follow these instructions:
FOGBEES TEAM store is on line, to register your account follow these simple steps:
1) click on this link and register the account https://www.alebikewear.com/profile/fogbees-team
2) look at your mail and confirm your registration
3) go to www.alebikewear.com and log in to your account clicking on https://www.alebikewear.com/profile
4) if you are already registered to alebikewear.com send an email to pietro@alebikewear.com we will upgrade your account to your team store.
• The CODE WELCOME25 is not valid for custom clothing.
• Don’t register directly to the website but use the link

See you on the road,

Mike Knake


Gary said...

I'd like another LG Jersey. Not the Ale. Gary

jasonbsexton said...

I need a pair of bibs this time. Maybe a vest too

Woody said...
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Woody said...

The ALE site has been closed but there are a few folks with some additional Ale XL Jersey's they are willing to sell. Reply here or message me for names and contact info. If you wear a large LG you probably want an XL Ale.

Woody said...

Be sure to order your Fogbee vest, we need one more to meet the minimum. They are perfect for those in between temps and a great wind break.