Friday, August 18, 2017

UPDATED Solar Eclipse Ride, August 21st

Solar Eclipse Ride Plans:

We will have a 30 mile and 40 mile routes.   The ride will start at 9:00.  I suggest getting there before 8:30 so you can beat the traffic and we can get out on the road on time.  Probably be a good idea to leave home early as well and look for alternate routes to the Camplin Compound. The plan is to be back about an Hour and a half prior to the Eclipse so we can have plenty of time to watch the moon and sun move across the sky to their final convergence. The total eclipse is at 1:30.

Routes.  BRING PLENTY OF WATER. NO REST STOPS ON THE ROUTES TO AVOID TRAFFIC.  At the end of Brandy Hollow you will turn right on 76 for a very short distance before turning right on Dorris.  



Swimming.  If you want, bring a suit and take a dip in Sherry's brother Kirk's pool next door. 

We will have BBQ. Bring a side and a lounge chair.  Cost of BBQ and beer will be less than $10 a head. Cost of just BBQ less than $5.  Beer alone - $15.

We will have beer. Bill Barton is bringing one of his trailers w a TV and keg tap.  We will be able to watch any coverage of the Eclipse on the TV.  We have a keg of Thunder Ann on order thanks to Todd Jarrell and Eddie at Saunders Ferry Pizza.

We will have solar glasses. We have 70 pairs of solar glasses to watch the Eclipse.

Please post if you plan on attending and how many family members you plan on bringing so we know how much BBQ to order.  Also post what side you are bringing so others can plan.

Family is invited to attend as well.

The ride will start and end at my mother in laws house, the Camplin Compound, where we had the tailgate party last year.
923 Tyree Springs are in White House TN.

So far on the sides:

Woody - Sweat Tea
Norise - Macaroni Salad
Janice Camplin - Coca Cola Cake
Harry and Dee Desert and Chips
Steve Boling - Potato Salad
Mike Knake -  My famous baked beans the recipe for which I stole from my mother in law.
Gary and Lucy - Dessert
Phil and Rosemary - Slaw
Lindsay - non discriminatory salad
Tammy and Jeff - corn casserole and a dessert
Mike Grubbs - moon pies and sun chips - how appropo
Doug and Marsha - Deviled Eggs

See you on the road

Mike and Sherry


Lindsay said...

I'm in, looking forward to it. Thanks for making all the arrangements!

Woody said...

Count me in, I'll bring chips and sweet tea. Also thanks to all that helped plan this ride event. Looking forward to it.

Jimmy said...

I'm in. I'll do the $10 deal and I'll need eclipse glasses too. I'll bring some sort of side dish. Thanks for pulling this together.

Doug_D said...

Marsha and I are planning on coming to the eclipse party. Please sign us both up for BBQ. As for the beer, if it is something like a pale ale (like the sierra nevada they had at brass) I'm in for that, if it is butt weiser yeunging, miller or the like, count me out and I will bring my own. Marsha doesn't drink the beer. We will bring a side. Thanks for all the planning!!

Harry Parish said...

Dee and I are planning to attend and have lunch. We will bring a dessert and chips. Thank you for all the planning.

Steve B. said...

I'll be there for BBQ lunch. I'll bring potato salad.

monsieur cannonball said...

I'll be riding the 30 miler ( don't want to chance missing totality ).
Rosemary will attend the event post ride. Put us down for one BBQ + beer combo and one BBQ only. I don't plan to get a sunspot in my eye, but I do plan to get a little smoke in my eye. Cigars anyone ?

We will bring slaw to go with the BBQ, baked beans, and potato salad.

Todd Jarrell said...

I'll bee there for the 40 miler, BBQ & beer. Will bring a side. Thanks for planning Mike. Look forward to the fun.

Woody said...
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bed2 said...

In weather permitting visualization...

lucy williams said...

Gary and I are in for the works.... we will bring a dessert. Thanks Nike and Shery for everything!!!!!!!

Gary said...

I'm Beer less of course...40 miles for us...we need the special super duper glasses...Thanks Mike ( Lucy thinks your name is Nike )

Lindsay said...

I'm in for BBQ since we learned it's gluten free! Will BMOC (bring my own cider) and a GF side dish for the group. Should be a great day!

Mike G said...

I'm bringing moon pies and sun chips.

Tammy Gibson said...

We are planning on attending with our family. There will be 6 of us for BBQ and our 4 yr old granddaughter. We will bring corn casserole and a dessert. Thank you, looking forward to it.

Lindsay said...

I know they say "you don't make friends with salad"...but that is the side I will bring...please don't discriminate against this, Fogbee friends!