Thursday, June 14, 2018

Chattanooga Turtle Ride

A four of us (Sean, Ben, a friend, and TomE) from Chattanooga will be doing a Turtle Ride on Saturday (6/16/18) that will include the Riverwalk (starting at the dam to I24 and back), the greenway near the dam, a townie tour around U of T - Chattanooga campus, and one or two brewery stops.  Total distance will be around 40 miles, plus. You all are invited to join.  We want to start around 8AM to avoid the heat and have plenty of time for the brewery stops. Please post a comment if you are interested in joining us.

Follow this link for the details  

Please text me your cell phone # (to 615-691-0532) so I know how to contact you.  We will meet you at the dam at 8:00 (note start time change)


Tom_E said...

Just got a post on FACEBOOK that Ronnie and Anne will be joining this ride.

Doug_D said...

Harry Parish and I will be joining. Also Gary, Lucy and David Williams have expressed interest. We will need directions to the start and if you have a ridewithgps route that would be great!

Tom_E said...

I am currently working out the details with the Chattanooga guys, but here is our preliminary thinking:
1) Ride starts at 7:30A at the dam
2) Ride Riverwalk and cross river to Frazer Rd,
3) Then ride Moccasin Bend Rd out & back to Frazer
4) Cross river on Bike/Ped bridge to Riverwwalk
5) Back on Riverwalk to I24
6) Ride through Chattanooga Community Pie
7) Have brunch at Community Pie (with brews for those inclined)
8) Back on Riverwalk to UofT- Chattanooga
9) Then on to Greenway for an out & back
10) Finish up at the dam

Maybe back to Frazer Rd (by car) for a celebration brew.
The bike part of the ride is about 42 miles with a total of 800 feet of climbing, but you can cut it down to 32 by not doing the greenway section on the way back to the dam.

Detailed maps on how to get to dam and the route will follow. There is all kind of free parking at the dam.

Tom_E said...

There are a few typos in the above note, but you get the picture.