Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Possible Ride to Memphis

The cycling celestial may align for me to do a self contained ride to Memphis in the next month. I am sitting on ready waiting for an acceptable five day weather forecast so my leave date is uncertain. After March 3 I go back to work so that's my rush. Anyone interested in joining for some or all is welcome. Details of the ride and the reasons, other than the thrill of suffering a lot for a long time, are on the Crazyguyonabike web site. Anyone interested, please post, phone, or email me.


bkortness said...

Give me a weeks advanced notice and if you are starting in Hendersonville, I will ride the first day with you.

coastdownhills said...

If your support team could also fetch me back from Dickson, I would not necessarily need to the entire trip in one go. That makes plannig round the weather much more certain.

Tom_E said...

Bruce, I would like to help you with parts of this route, but my work schedule and commitments will not permit me to block out that much time in February.
Because my focus is on your "official" Great East-West Bike Route for Adventure Cycling, rather than just doing a long bike ride, I also have some slightly different ideas for this route so it may be better if we split-up on a couple of parts, do different sections and then meet/compare notes/photos. I would like to do Nashville different than what you have mapped picking up more historic sites and parks before heading west toward White Bluff. Also, parts of my exploration may have to involve 4-wheels. So you may have a SAG.
. . . Just some thoughts. Tom

coastdownhills said...

This ride is most definitely an attempt for me to get in a long ride this year. Route mapping is secondary, though it will be good to show it can be done.

Doug_D said...

If you start on a weekend, I would like to ride Saturday and Sunday, then Marsha can pick me up where ever on Sunday evening. Any weekend but the 14, 15th is fine as we are going to visit the baby that weekend.

coastdownhills said...

It all goes or not per the weather. Chances dim with each cold or raining day.