Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wet and Wounded but satisfying !

Water to the left of us , water to the right of us, water in front of us, water behind us , and water above us. The rain never abated, but the spirit of the Wounded Warriors made the rain more a baptism than a bath. Bob Glutting, Nancy Parrott, Ron Williams, Bruce Day, David Irvine, Les, and Phil rallied to represent the FOGBEES at the Wounded Warrior ride today. Warm comraderie and hot grilled food at the end of the ride put a rather dreary day in perspective.

Gary, " I was having so much fun , I could've gone home and still been happy". Every FOGBEE needs to experience their own Wounded Warrior Ride , without which one's biking journey is incomplete.

Click here to view PhotoShow by Phil Vickery


BOB G. said...

I would highly recommend this ride it is a first class event. Even though we had a little rain, but it was small inconvenience. It is not often in one’s life that they get to interact with true heroes.

Tom_E said...

Phil has shared some really great photos in the FOGBEE Snapfish room. The Wounded Warrior Ride is probably one of the most personally rewarding rides in which anyone can participate. It is a shame that the bad weather ruined it this year. However, accolades must go out for those who braved the rain to show patriotic support for those who do the same for all of us everyday.

Nancy_P said...

The abilities and determination of people can be a wonder. Yesterday I watched again how if you want something bad enough you can do it. Lance Armstrong has nothing on these guys. I am already looking forward to next year. Rain or shine.

Nancy P.