Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blue Ridge 5 day tour

Carolina Tailwinds 5 day tour
Nicole and I were planning on a tour of the Blue Ridge parkway in 2010. We found Carolina Tailwinds Bicycle Tours and they look real interesting. This tour company would be happy to make this a Fogbees tour if we had 10 to 16 people interested on June 20-24, June 27 - July 01 or August 22-26.There website is and the trip would cost 1485.00 per person. I wanted to see if there was enough interest in general to pursue this with the company. If there is, then I would try to coordinate the date best for all. We do two or three day rides with great participation so this would be a great extension to our touring in 2010.Give me your thoughts, ideas or suggestions. Thanks Bob Miller.

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