Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sharon Baylor death while riding bike

I wanted to let everyone know that I read the articles about this tragic story and wanted to share some information. Sharon Baylor was a very active bike rider in Lincoln County, Tn. and an advocate for riders. She was struck by a pickup truck last week while riding with at least 10 other riders. She was "sweeping" for the group so no one would be left behind. The pickup truck struck her from behind as it rounded a curve and could not see her bc of what is described as a "combination of shade and sun". The group was wearing reflective vests, had lights and helmets but this did not prevent her death. The driver of the pickup will not face any charges. (WHNT NEWS, May 10,2010). Very sadly her husband, Mike, died when he had a heart attack riding bikes in April of this year. What a terrible situation for this family. We have been very fortunate so far but we should not let our guard down about the dangers of bike riding.


GARY said...

ps. I recieved this information from a news article from

Tom_E said...

Gary, we (Bike Walk TN) are now reviewing this incident with the District Attorney with the hope of understanding better what happened. A lot of innuendo and "hearsay" is floating around.

Caledonia said...

Hi Tom, I look forward to the BWT findings. So far it appears to be what the UK bikers call a "SMIDSY"; "Sorry mate, I didn't see you!" and should not be accepted as a valid excuse. Thanks for your efforts. DTI