Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remembering a road

This summer with the Fogbees has truly been awesome!  As a transplant to the area, I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful group of people in the area :)  Reminiscent about rides this summer, I am trying to remember a road that Miley led a ride on a couple months ago.  It was stinkin' hot and Miley, Jay, Bob Huss and I did the long route while the other riders did short.  It ended with margaritas, so that means it left from White House.  I also remember Bob taking a wrong turn and encountering some dogs, then Miley went back to rescue him from the beasts.  Unfortunately, that is about all I remember, except for loving a long stretch of road with some rolling hills.  If anyone can help me out with identifying cede road, please do! I would like to keep it in my "back pocket" of routes.


Miley said...

Wasn't that the day you flatted for the first time, and it was both tires? If so, this is the route.
I think the section you're thinking of is miles 44-48.

Lindsay said...

That's it! I had forgotten about the double flat...on a shadeless stretch of 100 degree heat...3 miles from the end of the ride. I was so fortunate to have you and a couple other veterans-of-the-road to help with my first (and second) road side tube change. And man, those post-ride drinks tasted good! Thanks Miley :)