Saturday, September 22, 2012

FOGBEES Accused of Being Federal Agents

. . As reported in the Delina Daily News, "They coasted into Delina around 10:30am and they looked beat. Four big old looking guys clad in skin-tight brightly adorned spandex jerseys. Naturally everyone was suspicious. They called themselves Fat Old Guys on Bikes (FOGBEES was on their shirts)."
. . "Duh, we weren’t born yesterday," Larry Payne, editor of the Delina Daily News, said. "Following extensive research we discovered the unlikely visitors were really from the Federal Office of Geriatric Backwoods Economic Exploitation (FOGBEE) and they were here to help us (ha ha!)."
. . For the complete story CLICK HERE.

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Tom B. said...

What is really funny os that you are all referred to as septuagenarians (or better as spetuafogerians). Phil especially I hope you are proud.