Sunday, October 21, 2012

A perfect 10

What a trip the Red Boiling Springs two day ride was. It was probably one of the best (of the many overnighters) that I have ever been on. Congrats to Ed, Phil, Sarah, Demetrius, John, Doug, Janice, Kay, Bruce, Andrew and Mike on the ride. I logged 115 miles over two days. The scenic back roads were beautiful but tough. The Armours Bed and Breakfast was out of this world. They treated us like royalty and cooked a  huge dinner on Saturday night and a giant breakfast this morning. Last night we were treated to a big bon fire and we all sat around it and told stories and laughed for hours. Bruce even gave us an evolutionary history of the Fogbees! I'm already looking forward to next years RBS ride. It's one of the ways it makes being a Fogbee special.


coastdownhills said...

Images will be up later this week. It was a very good ride. Thanks to all who participated.
It was the first time in my life to enjoy a campfire in perfect weather for a campfire. Not even any smoke in my face. How magical is that?

Sarah Ritt said...

I think October was the perfect time to go!! The owners were so accommodating and made us feel so welcomed. It was nice to see how nicely we all get cleaned up!

Tom_E said...

This ride is always the best of the FOGBEE events. I was really sorry to have missed it for the first time ever. I had a legitimate excuse. For other FOGBEES it sounds like we ALL missed an even better time than I previously remember and Gary wasted no time 'RUBBING IT IN!' The owners of the Armour House always treat the FOGBEES like royalty.

coastdownhills said...

Wilma suggests that those who feel as Gary does, and he certainly spoke for us, visit the website and submit a review.

I took the liberty of including all the current comments on my review.