Sunday, October 21, 2012

Frolic Follow-Up

Three of us had an absolutely amazing ride today.  We all agreed it was a really fantastic century route (one of the best we have ever done), which was very fortunate since none of us had rode the majority of the roads.  I am re-posting it here so that other Fogbees can take advantage of the wonderful pavement we explored.  Since there was interest from some other rides who could not make it this time around, keep your eyes on the blog because we will be doing it again :)  If you have ever considered a self-supported century come along next time and you won't regret really was beautiful!

RBS riders, let us all relish in the post-ride-beer-and-endorphins high!

Note: we went by some wonderful horse farms in KY and were lucky enough to grab a ride on one special pony.

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coastdownhills said...

I've ridden about 2/3 of those roads and they are indeed great. But 100 miles? Those days are behind me. Those who can should do it.