Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bright sun, strong wind, hard-earned 100!

Congratulations to Tom who has now completed all of his necessary rides for this year's UMCA century-a-month challenge!  We took advantage of the nice temperature yesterday, though the wind made it quite grueling (that or the same route magically got hillier longer, ha ha).  We had to use my pepper spray for the first time...on a very friendly dog!  After 5 miles he was still running strong so to give him a chance of getting home (and after much debate) we gave him a little spray in the nose.  We also passed our red neck riders and it was great for all the 'bees to share the road.

Congrats again Tom!  And if anyone sees an adorable black dog outside Franklin KY he is a great runner, hopefully still has a sense of smell, and would make a great pet.

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