Sunday, November 11, 2012

Should Have Shot the Guns!

So I rode with the Super Hares (Miley included). You remember my famous quote "Not much on Guns or 100 milers). Did great the first 10 miles and then BONKED the rest of the ride. I thought "I must be getting old with my 57th B-day a few weeks away". Turns out I rode with a broken spoke, bent wheel and the tire rubbing the brake pad for 20+ miles. Took my bike to the shop and I had cracked something or other also. Guess next year I'll shoot guns.


Tom_E said...

Actually, many of the Redneck Riders did not shoot guns, they did not ride 100 miles, they did not break spokes (although we did have an attempted mutiny near the end with Mike K doing great job of reeling them back into the fold), but they did enjoy a great route on a great autumn day. However, I am confused how fly-weights can break spokes on expensive bikes.

Tom B. said...


You have the worst luck with that bike. Didn't something like that happen before?


GARY said...

The Two Toms:
Yes that happened before.
Well Weds night as I was cresting the top of Suandersville Road I attempted to remove my helmet light from my head (don't ask why) and dropped the light into the back wheel. Guess it took 10 miles into Sat ride to reveal itself although I was oblivious to the problem for 20 miles....