Tuesday, April 30, 2013


On April 21st to the 27'th eight bicyclists planned to ride 320 miles from Hendersonville, TN to Damascus, VA.  Seven were members of the FOGBEE Cycling Club.  Of the six that actual did the trip, two were 70, two were mid-60, and two were late-50 years young.  The ride was supported by a van that tracked the bicyclists and met them at predetermined stops.  This ride was on the "bucket list" of the four eldest pedalers.  The adventure more than exceeded everyone's expectations.  Documented with plans, maps, journal, and photos on the website http://RAT2013.blogspot.com/ it is packaged for future trips.

Click on the "Day Tabs" on the RAT2013 website to see for each day on the schedule the map with links to RideWithGPS, the meal/lodging plan, a short journal, and a link to a documented slide show on Shutterfly.  The detailed plans are saved on the page Schedule.

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