Friday, January 3, 2014

Membership Update

. . We need your helpClick here for a list of people that we plan to remove from our Membership List based on their rating with MailChimp.  This rating is based on their OPENING of our newsletter in HTML format.
. . We can't track those who have set their email client to open in TEXT, which we recommend against.  If you feel you must open the newsletter in TEXT mode please send us a note as to your reasoning.  TEXT mode is a horrible and incomplete way to view the newsletter.
. . These people may not be opening the newsletter for three reasons: we have their wrong email address, their address domain is an employer who blocks personal mail, or the newsletter is ending up in their SPAM folder.
. . Here is how you can help.  If you know anyone on this list and they don't want to be deleted from our membership list, please contact them and have them send us a note to  People deleted from the membership list will also be deleted from access to post to our blog.
. . This update is a pain to do and we REALLY appreciate your help.  Thanks in advance.

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