Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Safe Group Riding and Etiquette for Sumner County Riding Clubs

We are seeing record numbers of riders showing up for the Fogbee weekend rides, even in January. As a cycling community, the Fogbees take on the responsibility of helping new club members not only become better, more efficient riders, but also safer, more responsible club members. With that in mind, we, at the Bikers Choice have discovered some great resources that will help new Fogbees become safer and better riders as well as helping experienced club riders become more efficient at teaching new riders safe practices while out on group rides.

Active.com has a great resource page filled with helpful tips on group riding and safe techniques while riding in pace lines, handling tight corners, as well as climbing and descending. Along with that site, Bicycling.com has a great online page with a test that has helpful tips on group riding also. You can access both of these pages at the attached links above.

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