Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Newsletter and Membership Info

. . We plan to issue the monthly FOGBEE Newsletter this Sunday and if you are planning to submit an announcement or article, I need them no later than Saturday morning.  We go to press that evening. 
. . The newsletter is sent to everyone on our MailChimp registration, which I have updated thanks to everyone's help.  Here is the list of people to be removed.  If you see someone on that list that should remain on our membership list, please have them contact us at That list was created from people who no longer open our MailChimp newsletters.  We assume either that we have the wrong email address or that they are no longer interested.
. . Our Private Membership List is available to anyone included on it.  Just login using the account and enter the password.  Sorry, if we failed to give you the password when you registered, send us an email at and we'll send it to you.  We will have an updated Membership List for everyone to check out by Friday February 7'th.
. . Our newsletter, like our blog,  uses a "responsive" format that makes it smart-phone and tablet friendly.

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