Sunday, June 14, 2015

Website Rebuild

      Over the last couple of weeks we have rebuilt the FOGBEE website to be smart-phone centric.  We expect the primary way members will want to access the information on our website is from their phones.  The previous desktop format is just too difficult to read on a 5-inch screen.  We will not take-down the desktop version, we just won't be updating it.
     We have also added the Weekday Ride FACEBOOK group to the tabs across the top of the blog.You will need a FACEBOOK account and login to access it.
     Along with this update we have added a TELEPHONE LIST which shows member cellphone numbers and emergency numbers.  It is sorted by the member's first name since that is how most of us know each other.  It is legible on your cell phone.  Look for it by going to the FOGBEE blog on your cell phone.  Click the Home (in upper left), select the WEBSITE radio button, then scroll down to the About Us section.  Under it you will see Telephone Numbers.  Click on that and voila. Best to test this out before you're on the road and need this info in a hurry.  I did not add the Sumner County Sheriff's number to this list because everyone should already have that number programmed into their phones.

ANDROID w/Chrome
 After clicking on Home, the following screen appears.  Select WEBSITE.

With the iPhone w/Safari the above screen looks like the following.  Doug Depew says this is a "spinner". Ask him.


Ed T said...

have you gone live with this?

Mike said...

How is this going to work with pasting routes, copying to garmin's, etc?

Blog Admin said...

1)It is live, especially the tele #'s
2)If you have the RideWithGPS app on your phone, you can view FOGBEE Group rides directly on your phone. Otherwise, nothing changes on the blog. It is the website that is different and very likely few people have ever accessed the website (see the WEBSITE menu TAB). There is a ton of stuff on the website.