Sunday, August 2, 2015

Majorca, Spain Trip May 22-29, 2016 - IMPORTANT UPDATED INFO

     We all know how much we love cycling, and cycling with our friends is even better, what about combing them and cycling with our friends on one of the most beautiful islands of Spain?! Majorca (Mallorca) Spain is known for its white sandy beaches, it's cycle friendly atmosphere, and its overwhelming beauty.
     I am working with Diane Golden with on a cycling trip to Majorca, Spain. She has planned several of these trips before and it will be amazing. She has a trip listed on the website for May 1-15, 2016, but with kids moving back from college, high school graduations, and mother's Day, I asked her to do one on a later date for us. She has agreed to do a trip for the Fogbees (Fogbee families and friends) on May 22-29, 2016. We would fly in on May 22nd and start cycling on May 23rd.
** You can also chose to stay for 10 days. Checking out June 1, 2016. The last few days Diane would show us around personally. (She said that those who stay 7 days, always wish they had stayed 10)
     Please visit the website and read all the details of the trip. She is checking with the pro UK cycle leaders who would take us around the island to confirm how many people we need for the trip to be a reality. 20 people is what I have been told so far.
    Non cycling spouses or family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. There is plenty for them to do while we ride.
    I will post soon how to sign up for the trip since the only one listed on the site for now is the trip with the earlier dates. Please comment below if you are interested so I can start getting an idea on numbers. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 615-828-4632 Thank you! Tammy Gibson

** Sign up by going to, chose the Majorica Cycling trip May1-15, 2016 Spain trip, scroll down to the bottom and click the yellow tab "Book Your Trip", Fill out the contact information form and put the CHECK IN DATE as May 22, 2016 and the CHECK OUT date as May 29th (Unless you want to stay 10 days, then you would CHECK OUT June 1, 2016) Agree to the terms and conditions and hit submit. This will direct you to pay your $150 per person deposit.

IMPORTANT… Sign up with your deposit before September 1st and you get the "Early Bird Price" which are the prices currently listed for the trip. Lodging prices will change to the 2016 price on September 1, 2015.

You are also welcome to Email or call Diane directly with any questions.
Tel: 214-370-8300