Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back from Monticello, KY

Hey, guys. Posting this from front porch of cabin on Lake Cumberland on off chance of being near Wifi sometime today. The ride was terrific, had about 15 min of rain just before getting to Red Boiling Springs but was no problem given the wide shoulders on 52. The route included a little gem named Ferguson Hill Road, not for hill haters. My selective forgetting of hills was working as usual. I remembered the ride being hilly, especially Savage Mountain just past Albany, Ky which I again had to walk, but the rest of the ride into KY was much hillier than remembered. Still, got there OK and fresher than I remember from last trip. That was probably due more to the 70 degree, low humidity this time as opposed to the 95 degree high humidity of last trip.
Don't think this will be on the Fogbee ride agenda any time soon. I was beginning to hate the downhills because one knew what was to immediately follow. Did not get out of my granny for 20 miles because I wanted the downhill to last as long as possible and all the uphills immediately required a granny. Plan to be on the ride Tuesday.
Update, I'm back and was no where near wifi. Sorry to hear about Brad. There are bad, worse, and absolutely terrible cervical spne fractures. Hope his is one of the lesser bad.
See you tonight.

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