Sunday, January 3, 2010

cold weather advice

O.k., this has probably been done before, but I would love to hear some very cold weather riding advice/tips. I will save everyone the easy one.....just stay home! Miley has called me out on this one already.

My advice, wrap tape around the tips of your shoes (inside of booties) to keep out the cold wind. It really does work.


coastdownhills said...

Chad, You are right about the feet. They are the most difficult for me to keep warm. Fingers next but at least you can swap hands and stick them inside a jacket pocket. Otherwise, something over the ears and three appropriate layers will do nicely for your core while you are active. Avoid cotton.
Since the cold can kill you if you have a fall you should always cycle with someone or have someone know your route and when to exepct you back.

Miley said...

Right on with 3 layers for the core, Bruce. Keeping the core warm and as dry as possible also helps the extremeties with good warm blood flow. The 1st layer must be an excellent wicking material to keep the skin dry. The 2nd layer should insulate and breathe. Use a breathable windblocking outer layer. More than these 3 will just interfere with moisture transfer, eventually making you colder, and will weigh you down. Remember: there's no bad weather, just bad clothing!

Early Rider said...

my comments are similar. The coldest I have ridden in so far up here in PA is 21. I start with taping the shoes but don't forget the vents in the bottoms. I wear a polyester sock liner and then woolen socks and booties. Next comes an Pearl "am fib" set of tights over my riding shorts. I wear a polyester base layer covered with a thin wool base layer and then another this polyester base sometimes. Over this a medium weight jersey and a great mountain climbing jacket from Marmot I bought at Marshall's for a song (wind and water resistant but quite breathable). My "winter" riding gloves don't cut it so I wear a pair of old ski gloves with sticky fingers. On the head is a thin winter skull cap and a balacava and glasses (helmet of course). All of this does not weight me down too much, but I can still enjoy a nice ride as long as the snow and ice stay away. And don't forget to drink even on the cold days.

Mike Poole said...

Duck tape.....everything!
Not much fun getting it off though.

Chad Moss said...

I have some expensive winter cycling gloves that suck! I wear a cheap pair of BOSS ski gloves and my fingers never get cold.

Tom_E said...

I ride like "Early Rider" PLUS I use ski goggles (with anti-fog) over the opening in my balacava and always TWO layers of pants (outer layer loose so as not to bind leg motion; bike shorts don't count). I use a cheap pair of heavy cotton gloves (fingers don't sweat much). Bike gloves are useless and ski gloves too stiff.