Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fogbees Triathlon Challenge

A slight change of plans. The GJCC Triathlon has been canceled, but do not fear we have a alternative. There is a tri event in McMinnville, TN on Sat May29,2010. The link below is updated with information to this event.

As everyone can see the list of people wanting to enter this event has grown. It is recommended that you sign up early as this event fills up fast. As of today Bob G. and Phil V. are registered. There will not be any organised training for this event, but several of us have been swimming at the YMCA in Hendersonville.

Click Here for McMinnville Triathlon information

Tips for Beginners

McMinnville Triathlon
May 29 , 2010 - Memorial Day - Monday
200 meter pool swim / 10.5 mi bike / 2 mi run / walk


Doug_M said...

I am definitely interested in joining the team. I just don't have a place to swim. But I could probably dog paddle 200 meters if I had to.

Scott Mena said...

I'll do it!!! One of my goals this year is to complete a full triathlon. My swimming is good. My biking is well, you know, it's ok, but my biggest challenge is the run. I am fixing to start running to see if my back will let me or not. But I will definitely know by spring if my back will let me.

outerring said...

Absolutely !

BOB G. said...

Well it's official. I just signed up for this event. In talking with some other people it is good to sign up early as this event fills up quickly.

Donna said...

I would definitely love to do this. I did the Hendersonville Tri last year, have been wanting to do another.
A tip for Scott, you don't have to actually run. There were many people who just walked the run. It is a weird experience switching from bike to run.

monsieur cannonball said...

Let the games begin !
Can we get them to allow beer drinking as a fourth leg of the FOGBEES "quad"athalon ? Remember......... for the best draft :=)

outerring said...

I was looking at the online registration and see individual and teams.. If you want to save a few $$
let's get a couple 2 - 3 person squads. But being in it, I am in it to win, or look good trying ! just sayin..


Donna said...

I believe "teams" is in reference to those who have others doing different parts of the tri. (You can have someone swim for you or ride or run, or just one of the legs or 3 people can work together to do the entire tri.)

Scott Mena said...

Well it's official, I'm signed up. Phil, I'm with you on the beer. I'll Have Les drive so you and I can ride home in the back and drink!!hahaha