Monday, February 8, 2010


Thinking about getting an Ultegra 11-28 cassette. Any opinions? And what types of cassette are you running? Just looking for some info so I can have an informed decision. Thanks - Scott


Tom B. said...

I have SRAM Rival 11-28 and it works fine.

Smooth shifting throughout the range and on mine at least I can use at least 9 of the cogs whether in large chain ring or the small one.

bkortness said...

I use the Sram Red 11-28 and so does John Dagostino...the 11-28 cassette is hands down the best cassette for the area we live in. If you are using a 53-39 chainring, you should be able to access every gear, if you run a compact, you will lose one gear on the bottom on the small chain ring and one gear on the top on the big. The 11-28 is the cassette 95% of the riders out there should be riding.

Miley said...

I'm old school 9 speed SRAM 12-26 with a compact 50/36 crank.

Check if your RD will be compatible with the Ultegra 11-28. Shimano site notes the 11-28 requires their latest: RD-6700 or RD-7900.

Early Rider said...

For what it's worth, I have an Ultegra 12/27 with a 50/34 (dropped the small ring from a 36 for the hills up here). This works fine for me and I can get the full range of the 10 speed.