Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please Help with PRO-BIKE Legislation

NOW is the time for you to ACT and do something very easy for bicycling advocacy

This evening the directors of Bike Walk Tennessee unanimously voted to adopt a resolution in support of Tennessee state legislation HB3131 / SB3057. This bill authorizes bicyclists, after coming to a full and complete stop and exercising due care as provided by law, to proceed with caution through traffic lights. This is due to the inability of many traffic signals to detect a waiting bicyclist. The law has long been available to motorcyclists, and this bill will provide similar treatment for bicyclists. READ HOW WE NEED YOUR HELP

2/18: Bill passes Senate unanimously. Now headed to House Safety Committee


BOB G. said...

I just sent Sen Black and Rep Maggert a Email. It took less than 5 min.

coastdownhills said...

And they do respond.

Dear Dr. Day, I had not heard of this bill. It is strange that the law is different for cyclists than for motorists. I have not read it – I like to read bills before I say I will sponsor them but it sounds like a good idea to me.

Rep. Susan Lynn
Chairman, Government Operations Committee
215 War Memorial Building
Nashville, TN 37243

Thanks for the email. You have my full support on this bill. I hope all is well with you.

My best,

State Senator Diane Black
18th Senatorial District
Representing most of Sumner County and all of Robertson County
5 Legislative Plaza, Nashville TN 37243
Visit my website: www.dianeblack.org