Sunday, March 28, 2010

Register for Jack and Back Before 3/31 for $15

Fogbees, Register for the Jack and Back for $15. If you register by March 31st use the discount code "SAVEDSPOT". Cheap price to pay as registration will go to $50 on May 1. Go to go to the bottom of the page and select MS Bike, then choose Jack and Back, then register with a team and type in FOG and click search. Then register CHEAP with team FOGBEES.

For all who are interested, my knee surgery went as well as could be expected. Knee is really sore, but I seem to be recovering well. Hope to be back on the road in June.


Scott Mena said...

I got registered last week,,,, let's get it on!!!!!!

JoHo said...

Doug, thanks for the heads up. We stopped and toured JD on the way home from Chattanooga yesterday. Got home to find a phone msg about the $15 registration. Perfect timing.

Doug_M said...

Yes, Thanks Doug for the message. I just registered for my first Jack and Back. Hope I make it :)

Hope you are doing well Doug D.