Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Rides

The FOGBEE Web Site maintains the most complete list of Sponsored Rides in our area. I have updated it for 2010. Most of these rides are fun and we always have a contingent going to them. If I have missed a favorite, let me know.

We have some problems this spring, however. Our special ride leaders Bruce and Doug are not likely to be able to plan and join us, so we need other volunteers. Typically, we have an "away ride" (this year Doug was planning the Silver Comet) and a two/three day tour (where ever Bruce gets the urge). These tours are always the highlight of the season. If you haven't been on one, you are missing a great experience. If you have been on a tour, you get instilled with wanderlust that makes you just want to hop on the bike and go some where any where. So bottom line - I hate to miss out this spring. How about some volunteers? I'll help you. Please comment.

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