Monday, March 29, 2010

Trouble on Hogans Branch

. . .Several weeks ago I was riding solo on Hogan’s Branch and had an interesting conversation with one of the residents who live on that road. As I passed her (she was walking) I commented, as a car blew past me, “what are we going to do about the cars that use this as a race track?” She retorted “ what are we going to do about the bikers who won’t move over when cars are trying t o pass .” This caught my interest so I turned and went back to her.
. . . She went on to say that the residents along the road werevery upset about the biker situation in that the cyclist seem to think they own the road and ride “in the middle of the road” and won’t “let cars pass, holding up traffic.”
. . . She went on to say that she has overheard some residents comment that “maybe we should bump them with our cars to get their attention”. Click for whole Story

FYI: we are visitors in THEIR neighborhood and ought to act accordingly.


GARY said...

Just my point of view here. I do not believe the FOGBEES are the problem on Hogan's Branch. This is a curved,potholed,non-divided,no shoulder country road,very much like many other roads we travel in Sumner County with the one exception.... we have one resident that has shown many of us great hostility and has been extremely confrontational and unreasonable. I would be shocked to think that the homeowners on this road would intentionally try and hit us with their cars to prove a point. Not being arrogant: the fact is that all of us, cars and bikes, have a right to ride Hogan's Branch, regardless of who lives on the street. I also agree with David that we should observe the rules of the road.

Scott Mena said...

I agree with Gary. Hogans Branch is in my back yard and I ride it alot. I never have a problem with cars. I wave at all residents I see out, and they all seem friendly, all except for the ONE LADY we are referring to. She is VERY disrespectful and hostile. It also appears new pavement is in the near future, at least that is what the rumor is. If we just obey the road laws, I think the only person we need to be wary of is the dog lady...

KJ said...

That lady scares me. She just yelled out even though I'd never seen her before and the three of us were very much to the right side of the road.

People may have the opinion that every cyclist is the same as one bad one they encounter.

Also I noticed that she had her dogs on a VERY long leash. The dogs could practically be on the opposite side of the road from her given the way the leash extended out. This makes a dangerous situation so keep your eyes open for the "trip wire".