Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tour de France

Go Lance ! Go team RadioShack ! Contdor or Schleck, who are you rooting for ?
Any FOGBEES following the biggest bike race in the universe ?

Watching the ride over the cobblestones in Belgium reminded me of following Bruce into Cedars of Lebanon Park through the back door. The fields of wheat are reminiscent of our treks through Orlinda on the way to Grafitti Road and the Tour de Cure. The crashes remind me of ..... let's skip that subject.

If you've not tuned into Versus on the tube, then you've still got many, many stages to go over the next two and a half weeks. Stage 5 is tomorrow. Makes me miss my bike while here in Hilton Head. Lookin' forward to some more miles with Team FOGBEES.

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Scott Mena said...

I'm Hoping Leipheimer puts a good showing on now that Lance is out of the running..