Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks to FOGBEES that Volunteered.

Dear Wonderful, Fantastic, Unselfish VOLUNTEERS, (is that enough praise to assure that you will volunteer for next year's kid's triathlon?)

THANK YOU all for a job well done! We had 50+ volunteers this year and used every one of you too. This was HEAT's Sixth year to put on the Kid's Triathlon and first year as a SELL OUT. This was our best year yet thanks in part to great people like you!

A Special Thanks to the FOGBEE'S. They volunteered at nine bike course positions! Loved seeing all those BEE jerseys on the course!

If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions about this year's race that we can use for next year's race. Feel free to email me at

Again, Thank you very much for giving up a few hours of your Saturday morning to help keep our kids safe!

Charlene Alcorn, "Volunteer Coordinator", HEAT Vice-Pres

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