Friday, July 29, 2011

Jersey Order

Several people have asked about ordering jerseys. If you would like to order a jersey please post what size and style you would like.

Now the hard part. I need to collect the money and sizes. We can not not place the ordered until we have collected all of the money. I would like to place the order on AUG 1st. I hope to have the jerseys by early Sept. Please bring a check to the next ride and or contact Bob G. or Tom E. to make arrangements to pay for the order.

Bob's email

Jersey Pricing
long Sleeve $52
Short Sleeve $41
Sleeveless $41

Jersey information


the other MK said...

I want a long-sleeve XL plz! I sent Bob an email to order.

Christy said...

Can you get kids sizes?

Mike said...

In addition to my long sleeve jersey, Sherry would like a small sleeveless jersey.

Mike Knake

philandlisa said...

We'll order one women's medium and one men's large - both sleeveless.