Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red " Boil-l-l-ing" Springs

For he's a jolly good fellow !
Bike helmets off and beer bottles ( or Gator Ade in Gary's case ) held high to the troubadour of two day rides.......Bruce Day.

FOGBEES fun and fellowship are enhanced via Bruce's passion for cycling in tour mode.

Not even sizzling temps and heated asphalt daunted yet another memorable ride. Thanks Bruce, another tour is in the books !
You da man !


GARY said...

This ride and all that went with it is why I love the Fogbees. Great tough ride, great friends, great company, great Hotel and great food. Cindy and I can't wait for next year to RBS. Thanks Bruce

coastdownhills said...

Yes, Another great event. Every event has its own mostly good surprises and this was no exception. The best was how good Shirly Schindler is at SAG. She was always there when needed but never intrusive. One thing not a surprse was how forgiving the Fogbees were about my routing miscues. Guess the miscues were no surprise.

Lessons learned: 1) There's a good reason few cycling events are scheduled in mid July. 2)I can't take the heat either. 3)We must definitely schedule the next one of these for Spring or Fall.

monsieur cannonball said...

Re: Lessons Learned #3 .....

I concur with Spring or Fall; also, we should plan now for this much sought after FOGBEES event.
Anytime after first weekend in October ( Jack 'n' Back )or anytime in the spring.

Thanks again for the fellowship, one and all.

Andrew said...

That was a great ride, as is usual for Bruce's excursions!

Mike said...

It was a great ride and Sherry and I enjoyed everyone's company Saturday night. Bruce did a great job routing the ride and arranging things at the Armour!

Looking forward to a next trip.

Mike Knake