Thursday, July 14, 2011

Red Boiling Springs Ride, Last Blog update

Ok, so I finally got to work on the details.Here are best guesses at cues, for Day 1, Day 2, and itinerary.  According to their husbands, Shirley Schindler has kindly volunteered to do Sag along the way and Sharyn Evans and Rosemary Vickery will ride sweep in case some of us are overcome by heat, altitude gain, or eat too much lunch. We'll definitely need a SAG stop for water and a snack in Pleasant Shade.  Please print and look over the attachments for reasonableness. Let me know if you have corrections, questions or suggestions.  Some points to consider and questions to answer:

1. The start time for day 1 was moved from 8 am to 7 am. Several riders requested this so as to avoid as much of the heat as possible.   Day 2 start is dictated by the 8:30 breakfast time. They might do breakfast earlier if we ask.  What do you all want?  I'm ok with 8:30 as I'm a late sleeper and don't mind some heat. Then again, our last leg will be baking on Gallatin Road.
2. It appears most of us are opting for dinner at Armour's. Their routine is Oven Baked Chicken and Ham plus an assortment of vegetables.  They do have options for other styles, Italian, Mexican, Fish of some sort, are ones I remember. We'd all have to agree one  differing menu. My custom is to go with what cooks do most so as of now have left it at the default country style. I'll be talking with Debbie, the cook, next Tuesday to confirm meals and head count. Let me know if you want to change. Also anyone with special needs, like vegetarian, no peanuts, etc. 
3. So far no one has mentioned going to the play, starting from Hartsville or doing just one day, but those are options.
4. Last time we stayed at the Donoho alcoholic beverages were a no no. That is not the case now but we'll need to plan ahead unless we want to stick with the light beer sold in the local stores.  It would be nice if someone would volunteer to coordinate that. 
5. The plan is to have lunch Saturday at Dillehay's Cafe in Hartsville. It is a real meat and two and does not open till 10:30 am Saturdays. If we get there much earlier than 10:30 or don't feel like a greasy spoon, there are fast food choices about a mile out of the way on new 25.  McDonald's, Subway, a Chinese place and pizza, I think.  Sunday we have a stop at the Stagecoach General Store in Castalian Springs.  They do have real food.  We can decide if we want to eat there or wait till we get to Gallatin.
6. Do we want to recover at Sam's at the end of the ride?
7. This is to be a leisurely tour.   Regrouping sites have been identified so folks who just can't ride slower will have a place to wait. Rabbits are on their own.
8. I have tried to find an alternate to TN 52 between Red Boiling Springs and Lafayette.  The best alternate was a couple miles longer and had two vicious climbs so we are still routed on on 52. Anyone wanting a more scenic and challenging route can do the alternate. 
9. What else?
Your participation is very much appreciated. It became very lonely doing these alone.


Tom_E said...

Even though this old body is finding FOGBEE jaunts to be more challenging every year, I can't imagine ANYONE missing one of Bruce's multi-day rides. Nothing matches Bike Touring in Tennessee. Yes, I am watching the thermometer and yes I prefer his tours in the rain and snow, but I will have a version for myself that matches what I am capable of doing, but still allows me to participate in another great Bruce Adventure.

Don't miss it! It's the over-nighters and Bruce's Tours that make FOGBEES unique. Unfortunately, this year we have not done our usual number. The RBS Tour is a FOGBEE original and a favorite.

coastdownhills said...

Just talked with Debbie Emery of Armour's Hotel and confirmed that 9 rooms are reserved for Fogbees and 17 people will be eating supper and breakfast this weekend. She says starting early for breakfast is no problem. So Sunday's itinerary has changed to breakfast beginning at 7 am with the rest of times also moved up 1 1/2 hrs. She will also have a cooler of assorted beverages ready when we begin to arrive. No one expressed any specific preferences so Debbie will choose for us. Forgot to discuss supper menu but we had agreed on the standard at our last discussion and there has been no requests for a change from Chicken and ham. She still has two rooms so there is room for more Fogbee or Fogbee friends without overflow to the Donoho.

Talked with Hartsville Metro police and the lot across from Dillehay's Cafe on Corner of Main and Broadway is ok for parking. The police station is just up the street and I promised to let them know Sat who and how long is parked there.
And that's it. See you 7 am Sat at Sam's sports bar.