Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beer to Cyclists = Dark Chocolate to Yoginis

Beer is to cyclists what dark chocolate is to yoginis. What gives? I asked two experts: a beer-maker who likes bikes and a cyclist who likes beer. Read on for insight from bike racer and Certified Cicerone (beer sommelier) Spencer Powlison and New Belgium Brewery’s Senator of Tour de Fat Non-Profit Relations, Michael Craft. In case you missed the article on the Blog, click here.


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Tom_E said...

Yogini represents a female master practitioner of Yoga and a formal term of respect for a category of modern female Hindu, Buddhist, and Fogbee spiritual teachers in India, Nepal, Tibet, and Hendersonville.

Tom B. said...

Obviously I was confused with the cult followers of the greatest chocolate connoisseur of all. The Swiss Miss... But her followers are know are Yodelinis. :-)