Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bicyclist Killed on 3S3M Bike Event

      Accidents on the Three State Three Mountain ride are nothing new.  It's a very popular event in Chattanooga that many veteran bicyclists avoid, because with the fast downhills and high percentage of newbees, it can easily get out of control.
      This year a bicyclist lost control on a downhill, crossed lanes, and plowed into oncoming motor traffic.  Click here to read about it.  There is a caution worth noting.
      When rim-based bike brakes get wet they don't work.  Most veteran bikers use extreme caution in those conditions, slowing it down, and pumping the brakes repeatedly to dry them as much as possible.  It is also good to check those brakes and replace them anytime they have worn to less than half their original thickness.  Brake pads are cheap and easily replaced even by the most multi-thumbed mechanic AND they're a lot less expensive than a day in the emergency room.

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JoHo said...

And more important, less expensive than a funeral.