Monday, May 20, 2013

Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon Results - 2 FOGBEES Podium

There were 6 FOGBEES that participated in the Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon.  Jason Sexton placed first in his age group 25 -29 and finished 6th overall.  Congrats to Jason.  Marsha Depew finished second in her age group, Congrats to Marsha now a two time winner.  All this being said out of the 6 FOGBEES Doug Depew finished second among our group.  Times as follows:
Jason Sextion        46:03 First in age group 6th overall
Doug Depew       1:15::49 Fourth in age group
April Johnson       1:16.13 Great time for a first time Tri!
Bonnie Willis        1:17.50 Honorary FOGBEE Friend of Doug Depew's Daughter
Marsha Depew     1:20:35 Second in age group
Heidi Fulford        1:29:41 Honorary FOGBEE Doug Depew's Daughter

All had a good time.  Bonnie and Heidi rode mountain bikes, that affected their performance.  


J R said...

Awesome job by all of you!!

Christy said...

You all ROCK!

Tom B. said...

Congratulations... Great job you guys!