Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bikes for Fat Old Guys

Let's face it, we Fat Old Guys put more stress on our bike. And if you're a tall FOG, it's even worse, as explained in this article by Leonard Zinn on Velonews. If you're much over 6" or 200#, and want to know what to look for in frame, wheel, components, etc., check it out.

Designs for Big Bike Riders, by Leonard Zinn, Velonews


coastdownhills said...

Good article, especially to us real FOGs. One point not specifically made is to get bikes with standard parts. Many of the bikes I see have boutique parts that cannot be easily replaced.

Tom_E said...

Unfortunately, this article is heavy on problem discussion and light on solutions/recommendations. Since many of the FOGs are outside the range for which bikes are designed, it would be helpful to see it all put together for the big guys and then sources for those components. Without this specific guide I suspect the typical bike shop still tries "to fit a size-16 foot into a size-12 shoe."