Friday, October 18, 2013

Saturday -- It Is Red Boiling Springs

. . Bruce has put together another great over-nighter with a different route.  CLICK HERE to go to his webpage with schedules and routes.  You don't have to stay over-night to enjoy this ride.  Several of us are just doing it on Saturday (Oct 19) ride and having family meet them in Red Boiling Springs.  Some are doing a shorten version.  But all are enjoying the group dinner at the Armour House provided by extra-extraordinaire hosts Debra and Dennis (reservations required).
. . The route is different this year.  Most likely Bruce, Phil, and Tom are the only Fogbees who have ever ridden it.
. . Here is a link that brings up all the previous blog posts, this and previous years.  However, the webpage has the final details.  
. .  Want to see some photos and videos from past Red Boiling Springs tours?  Click here and look under the picture in the top left side.

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Tammy Gibson said...

Jeff and I are riding in Saturday, eating, staying and riding back on Sunday. Looking forward to hanging out with our Fogbee family!