Thursday, October 13, 2016

UPDATE: Unity Ride nand Pot Luck Oct 15th In Memory of Bryan Kortness

"Area cycling clubs will gather on October 15th to honor Bryan Kortness and continue his vision of bringing the cycling community together. Bryan, a local and avid cyclist, passed away in April 2015 after years of living with type 1 diabetes.

Bryan was passionate about connecting people through riding bikes and took every available opportunity to invite people on rides. Before his death, he started an annual group ride to help connect the vast network of cyclists and cycling clubs throughout the greater Nashville area.

Many of us live with or know someone who lives with type 1 diabetes. It’s JDRF’s mission to treat and cure type 1 diabetes. Donations to continue their mission in Bryan’s memory are appreciated."

Our goal is to raise $1,000 between the five clubs.  Donations can be made at the link below. 

Join five local cycling clubs for the Unity Ride and post-ride social on October 15, 2016 at Gladeville Community Center. The ride is hosted by the Fogbees, the Harpeth Bicycle Club, Highland Rim Bicycle Club, MBC (Murfreesboro Bike Club), and the Veloteers. 

The ride starts at 9:00. 

Following the ride we will have a pot luck at the Gladeville Community Center.  

Gladeville Community Center
95 McCrary Rd, Lebanon, TN 37087

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

We can add a few mile to the route below by doing a loop around the Nashville Speedway. 

44 Mile Route

61 Mile Route

Veloteers page


Lindsay said...

Wondering if there are going to be multiple (ie longer :D) route options?

Mike said...

We can add some miles at the end. We can do a loop around the Nashville Speedway.

Sean Samber said...
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Sean Samber said...
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Sean Samber said...

I know and ride with the Veloteers often so I got with Melly and got the faster riders a metric route for the Unity ride. I also volunteered to lead it.I will post the route soon and Melly will be updating everyone.

Mike said...

Thanks Sean

Sean Samber said...

Unity ride metric

Lindsay said...

Thanks Sean! Metric starting at 8 or same later start time?

Sean Samber said...

Looks like a 9;00 departure for all routes.Hey Everyone,

We had a request for a longer route for the 18+ folks. Sean Samber is planning to keep this group together and figures an ETA back in Gladeville around 12:30. Since the routes go out (and back) together, we may be challenged with keeping the groups separate at the split at mile 25.1. =D

I'm not sure of the best way to gather and instruct folks prior to wheels rolling, although, if the crowd is large, we will want to line them up in the church parking lot across the street. We'll likely have traffic cones marking the exit area on the far side of the lot. Maybe a last minute email of instructions to participants on Thursday or Friday to ensure we are all on the same page. Thoughts?

I created a PDF of the event which I plan to drop off at the participating merchants in Gladeville and on the route.

Tony Hernandez said...

Plan on doing the ride .... distance will be a game time decision!

Tennessee and Alabama kick-off at 2:30!

Gotta get back to White House and get comfy in the recliner!

Brian beisel said...

Plan on riding but distance is also same as Tony, game time decision. Weather forecast iffy at time of this post.

Woody said...

Will not be riding this weekend.

Lindsay said...

Looks like the updated the website to an 8 am start time?

Sean Samber said...

9;00 am start.

coastdownhills said...

A Turtle 44 miler for me. Hope the Rabbits and Hounds have not eaten every calorie in Gladeville before I get back.

Frank said...

I'm hanging with Bruce. Might propose a slight change to miss the 11% grade.