Monday, August 18, 2008

Last reminder of Fall Ride

I know it's a while, but tomorrow is last day to definitely get room at Garden Inn. After more research, the route and plans remain the same. So if you plan to do the fall ride, call tomorrow. Then we can put it to bed till after the Jack and back.

I did some scouting by automobile for the Fall ride for November 15,16. 1. The Garden Inn in Monterey will only hold the rooms exclusively for us till August 19, next Tuesday. The benefits are a reduced rate of $125/night per couple. That includes room and breakfast, not the Sat evening meal. The usual rates are $135 and $145/night. The negative is the reduced rate is non cancelable whereas the regular rate is cancelable with a $25 penalty. Currently Phil and I have reservations. You can check out the rooms at 2. The first day route is tough with a very hard climb for 3.5 miles right at the end. I plan to ride the last 18 miles from Sparta to Monterey and loop back via Allgood tomorrow just to see how hard it is on a bike. I will also check out Monterey for places to eat Saturday night. Anyone who desires to ride with me is welcome. I know we will need to plan pickup about 4 miles from the end but the entire stretch from Sparta to Monterey looked pretty hard from behind the wheel. In summary, the route is still under consideration but if anyone wants to assure a place at the Garden Inn in Monterey, they need to call soon. Only eight places left. Garden Inn 931-839-1400

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Tom_E said...

I have made reservations for Nov 15 for down the hall from Bruce and Phil. I noted no other reservations have been made at this time.