Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Foliage report

OK. Our luck finally ran out but some of us claim to have had a good time anyway. A sunny day in the 70's would have been nice. We got one in the 40's with rain and mist. No fog but only because of the 20 mph wind. Congratulations to the hardy crew of seven who struck out from a rainy Smithville with the vain hope things would improve. Things I learned:
1. Sparta has a nice warm place to eat on Spring street. Someone who remembers the name please post.
2. The route worked. Some riders took issue with my description of the "gently" rolling hills
3. The climb to Monterey is not the worst we have done.
4. Fall comes two weeks earlier in Monterey.
5. The Garden Inn is a fantastic B&B. Not really news, but confirmed by our group.
6. It's good to have friends. Also not news but very much re enforced this weekend. Our goose would have been cooked, or more accurately, frozen without our support group.

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Tom_E said...

Every ride with Bruce is a new experience, but rain, show, wind, sleet, and freezing temperatures are never an issue with the warmth and support of good friends. We were pleased to have the company of Donna and Randy who set a high standard for the Fogbee Lite crew. Phil, Gary, and Bruce deserve a special award for completing all 64 miles, climbing Rt84 into Monterey, and arriving at the B&B in the dark. The cold & wet got the best of the others who bailed after 38 miles at Yanni's restaurant in Sparta. Bruce's pick of the B&B was outstanding. Again we have another ride that is definitely worth a repeat.
I have posted pictures on Flickr, which has better slide show presentation than SnapFish.

GARY said...

OK so here is my take. The ride in Bruce's pimped out old time van to Smithville was classic. It was probably the coldest, wettest and most wind whipped 63 miles I have ever ridden on a bike. We were wet, frozen and hammered by the elements but I never felt so good as climbing the last 2000 feet to the nearby bread and breakfast in my life. The hot shower was a relief, the meal that night was great and the whole trip was worth all the sweat even though it froze onto my body. What a great life! later everyone.

monsieur cannonball said...

Well, if you've not figured it out by now, I'd follow Bruce just about anywhere on a bike. Not because he picks the easiest routes, but because he is a leader who knows how to tactfully get one to reach a little further up the hill by extending his hand out to you when you need it most.

I also discovered that going up the mountain in the dark ( which was diminished by Sharon and Wilma's bright countenances and encouraging words ) and wet is not nearly as daunting as descending it in sub freezing temps with snow pellets pulverizing ones face. Teaches the true meaning of warmth and the lack thereof. However, even those conditions thawed in the presence of rank and file FOGBEES, Bruce, Tom, Doug and new future FOGBEE, Judd, my son in law.

coastdownhills said...

My images are on Snapfish.

Donna said...

I know this is late...but even though it appears by Tom's slideshow, that I complained the entire trip.....I had a great time and encourage any other "Lite" to join in with these guys on these 'excursions'...(rolling hills??? and all) It was a great route, could only have been better if the weather would have cooperated. I really appreciated the true blue FOGBEE's who consistently stopped to see if I was lost or dead!! LOL! They all are great gentlemen! AND, Gary is right....the ride in Bruce's tripped out van, was definitely a blast from the past and made the beginning of the trip much fun!!! :o)