Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great Time

As David Hardin left the party he said, "The FOGBEES are an asset to the community and Gary Williams is a CLASS ACT!"

Thanks again to Gary and his party makers led by Marsha Depew and to all the FOGBEES and friends who made this evening another great one to remember.


Nik the Stik said...

I agree but will add that Bikers Choice complements the FOGBEES to the nth degree.

As a group we are blessed to have an outstanding and professional shop like BC in our backyard.

I can't wait to wear my FOGBEES jersey, whether in group rides or not, letting everyone know how proud I am to be a FOGBEE who supports BC, BL, and, of course, our very own Master of Law and Disguises, GW!

Doug_D said...

That is very complimnetary of David!!. As far as Gary goes, Class just doesn't say it all. How about Splenderiferous. Everyone will have to admit Gary had his MOJO on for this one.

BOB said...

A much deserved Thank you to Marsha for planning a great party.

GARY said...

Well what can you say. What a party, what a turnout, what costumes! We had outrageous fun and I think David Hardin and his special guests had more fun than anyone! What a great night with food galore, games and, of course, awesome music. Hopefully Tom will post some photos. We will do it again. Thank you Marsha for all your help and for everyone else who helped and participated.