Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Wounded Warrior ride and other points of view

Wounded Warrior POSTS & COMMENTS moved to Web Page (Click Here)

On a different note I just want to say "thanks" to the spinners who came to the YMCA on thursday night (there were 9 of us). Keep up the spirit, invite your family and friends and I'll keep the music lively, LOUD and different each week. Who knows we may fill the place in a few weeks :) Next spin this Thursday at 6:30 pm.


Tom_E said...

I have uploaded my pictures to our FOGBEE room on SnapFish so all can better appreciate Gary's sentiment.

coastdownhills said...

I almost always feel better after a ride, but never better than yesterday.

BOB G. said...

This was emailed to me by one of the organizers

To ALL of the Hendersonville bikers - please forward to them all !
Thanks so much for your support ! Wasn't it a beautiful day in so many ways !!!!

I will second Gary’s sentiments. We are all lucky to have the freedom and security to go and enjoy a beautiful Saturday bike ride with friends. What really struck me were the soldiers thanking us for being there when it is the soldiers that deserve our thanks. If you wanted to make a donation and were unable to at the event you can go to and make a donation.

I will not be able to spin this week but I recommend it to all.

Mike Poole said...

It was certainly an honor and a priveledge to ride beside those brave HEROES yesterday!

Can someone tell me the "room code" for Snapfish so I can check out the photos?


BOB G. said...

Mike the Password is your zip coad

monsieur cannonball said...

I was so moved by Saturday's biking experience that I shared it with my Sunday school class as the blessing of my week. One of my long time SS classmates has a nephew who is a wounded warrior recovering from having his Hummer blown off the road several months ago in Iraq. He is being taught fly fishing for physical and mental rehab to regain the use of his hands and recover lost balance. All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU to all of our sons & daughters, husbands & wives, fathers & mothers who serve or have family serving in the military.