Monday, November 17, 2008

Rumble Strips

As a result of Bryan's and Dave Miley's note on the rumble strip on RT 109, Bruce, David Hardin, Frank Bowyer, and I have been contacting State and County Transportation Planners, TDOT Safety and Maintenance Managers, and our Congressional Reps to see what we could do to find a compromise to this developing issue. As noted in the attached note (click here) we are asking for input from everyone who should have a concern in order to forward their comments to our Region #3 Transportion Planner, Leslie Meehan. Please contribute with your suggestions and with forwarding of the attached note to anyone you believe needs to get involved.


. . . Tom_E


coastdownhills said...

As a motorist who uses the portion of 109 between Gallatin and Portland regularly, I find the rumble strips have made it more dangerous for me. Large trucks coming downhill frequently cheat well across the center line. Most likely all regular uses of this road and certainly I use the two foot shoulder to give them a wide berth as we round the blind curves. Now I must ride very close to the center line or tolerate the irritation of the rumble strip.

Tom B. said...

If we could get a handle on what other states are doing, especially more bike friendly states, we might glean some good ideas and strong arguments.