Friday, April 3, 2009

update to House bill 95

You may all be aware of this already; however, I received the email below from Rep. Joshua Evans:

I appreciate you taking the time to e-mail me on this important issue. I apologize for the delay in responding, I received your e-mail as we were in the process of moving offices, and a few e-mails fell through the cracks.
I think it is very important to protect your rights as a cyclist. I have been following this bill, and am happy to report, in case you have not heard, that is has been withdrawn from consideration. I will work to protect your rights to the road in any legislation that comes before me.
Please don't hesitate to contact my office if I can ever be of service to you.

Representative Joshua Evans State Representative - 66th District 207 War Memorial Building Nashville, TN 37243 615.741.2860 - Office 615.253.0283 - Fax

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Tom_E said...

Chad, Thanks for the input. Everyone should be aware - this bill is not dead by any means. From my contact on River Rd they are just "regrouping." This bill has also received a LOT of publicity with Radio Stations (99.7FM) and newspapers polling the opinions of their audiences. The results were very negative for cyclists. Consequently, we maintain our FOGBEE Web page for River Road Ban and continuously monitor the legislature. FYI: municipalities have banned cyclists for roads, regardless of State laws.
Guys & Gals FOGBEES must follow Bruce's earlier post about being good Ambassadors for Cycling - obey the laws, be courteous (not arrogant) to motorists, regardless of the circumstances, and ride defensively.