Monday, April 27, 2009

French Lick - Schedule & Route

Click here for a Printable Copy of the Schedule (Rev 4/15/09)
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Pick your activities and have a great time on this adventure!!

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Doug has been very busy. He and Marsha have visited French Lick, brought back lots of brochures, and mapped four rides - from the Regulars to the Ultra-lites. Please visit his Web Page for the latest (click here). Although Doug scanned a dozen of brochure pages for our use, French Lick Web Site is exceptional and I recommended you take LOTS of time studying it. A TON of stuff is available for everyone to enjoy. If the cyclists have gotten in trouble with spouses, this weekend will make up for scores of sins.
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Fogbee Ladies Going to Frenchlick Resort-
These are suggestions as to what we can do on Sat: Breakfast at 8 am for whomever would like: meet in the lobby Spa appointments from 9-11:30 or so (if you would like to do this, please make your appointment w/ the spa @ , let them know you are w/ a group, our rate is 20% off) Meet in lobby around 12:30 for lunch/sightseeing or whatever we decide !
See you soon, Peggy
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If anyone is interested in having an appointment for the spa, some of us are organizing it this week. take a look. email Peggy if you want to be included: 516-8511...thanks,
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RECOMMENDED ROUTE - Avoid Derby Traffic
Marsha and have been on both routes, we recommend this one (Click Here) for the least traffic and avoiding the possible Derby mess in Louisville. It is a scenic drive and offers 70mph on the parkway.
Take I-65 N to William H Natcher Parkway NorthContinue on the Parkway to Hawesville Exit 70A on Route 60 East.Proceed 3 miles @ light turn right on 231N (60 East) follow 60 @ the fork to the leftProceed to follow Rt 231 North to I-64 East toward Louisville. Proceed 15 miles on I-64 Exit 72 onto Indiana 145 North.There are several turns on 145, but stay on 145 until you end up at the front door of French Lick.
Official check in time is 4:00, but they will allow us in the rooms when they are clean. Remember to print your cue sheets. I will bring some extras. We have not specific plans for Friday night, but if you want to get together post your thoughts here.


philandlisa said...

We've taken the day off work on Friday, so we'll be there relatively early. We'd like to join the group for dinner if anyone's planning on getting together. Please also include us in the dinner plan for Saturday. Our contact #'s are on the list. We're looking forward to a great trip!

Phil & Lisa

BOB G. said...

Peggy and i should be ariving around mid afternoon, and would like to join the group for dinner.

Tom_E said...

Sharyn & I should be at FL around 4PM EDST and will join everyone for dinner.

Nancy_P said...

My crew will be there around mid afternoon also. We took the day off. All three of us will be joining the group for dinner Saturday night.

See you there, Nancy